London Vegan Pledge 2013

The London Vegan Pledge 2013 took place in May – June 2013 and was a great success.

The Pledge month started on 12 May with a day packed day full of workshops, talks, stalls, literature, and a full vegan buffet. Around 70 delegates attended on the day, all of whom took the vegan challenge for the next month. On top of this, many more registrants signed up to take the pledge remotely.

During the month, participants received advice and support from their dedicated vegan buddies, information and tips via the Pledge blog and online support group, invitations to try out vegan restaurants in London, and a visit to a farmed animal sanctuary.

The Pledge month closed with another day of workshops on 9 June, which included a cake-making demo, a nutrition quiz, and feedback on how participants had made a difference to animals, the environment and their health during the month. 

Other Vegan Pledges...

For anyone who missed the chance to join the 2013 London Vegan Pledge, we have put together a list of other vegan pledges that are available through a range of other great vegan organisations, many of which are freely available at any time of year.

Are you able to donate?

We are raising funds for future events and the next Vegan Pledge. We also give out recipe booklets at our regular food stalls, which are costly to print. Donations, however small, would be gratefully received. We are entirely volunteer-run so all funds go directly to our work promoting veganism in and around London

Please make any cheques made payable to "Vegan Campaigns", and send to:

Vegan Campaigns, BM 2300, London, WC1N 3XX.